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Our Mission in the Impact Sector

Put simply, we believe that design and technology can dramatically improve the lives of people in almost every aspect of human experience. The categories in the Impact Sector are areas where that improvement can be most poignantly felt. We want to make it our mission to empower our Impact Sector clients to create solutions that transform the lives of their customers, employees, and constituents.

A Challenge to the Impact Sector

Companies in the Impact Sector are at a crossroads. Many of them are mature businesses struggling to find new ways to compete and win in their areas. Time and time again we see them falling short in both vision and execution. The challenge that we want to pose to these companies is this: don’t just react, don’t just adapt, don’t just compete. Make products, services, and solutions that solve real and deep challenges for people.

We have more knowledge and technology in health related fields than ever before. Whether it be fitness wearables, medical devices and mobile apps, advanced gene therapies, or outcome-based insurance, software and design are shaping the future of our health.

Education is a core mechanism we can use to address social inequities and prepare for the future. E-Learning, learning management, online courses, early-development apps, and interactive educational content are just a few ways that software is reinventing education.

Climate change and resource availability are among the most dramatic challenges that we will face in the coming decades. Now is the time to use design and technology to address the sustainability of our plant and natural resources.

Safety is a complex topic. From public safety, to product certification, to personal protection, to building security, to food and drug safety – there are always new issues to address. Software and technology are creating new ways to ensure our safety and security.

Access to nourishment through agriculture and food production is perhaps the most basic of our needs. Technology, software, and big data are creating new opportunities for us to increase productivity and ensure access to a sustainable and safe food supply.