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How might we utilize the entire human experience to provide an exceptional solution? Building intuitive interfaces is a complex problem, yet essential to product success. Guiding users through the journeys your product supports requires a thoughtful approach to both user experience (UX) and user interface design (UI). Let’s think beyond the screen and bring a holistic view of human experience to our solutions.

Our Approach to User Experience



It’s easy to start jumping into what something should look like and what color our buttons should be, but when designing a product, having a bird’s eye view of what’s happening holistically is the key to success. Not only does this help surface the culture of your business but also ensures that you have a handle on all the content that flows within your product.



Digital interactions are only made possible by understanding human interactions. It enhances a product, when done correctly. Proper manners in the way software behaves are very human ways to determine which interactions should stay and which ones should go. CC authorization before trying out a product? Bad manners. Timed reminders that can be ignored until you’re ready? Good manners.



Visuals make everything come together to look polished and complete. It’s tempting to make super cool things but at DevMynd, we believe no graphic should be made cool for cool’s sake. Context, purpose, and enhanced understandability are ways we measure visual graphics and we believe it shouldn’t be created any other way.



Humans remember stories, not just because they’re interesting but because they can connect and empathize. The art of storytelling throughout our consulting practice isn’t just a fad, but a true belief that in order to create change, you must first create understanding. We don’t hate Keynote/Powerpoint but there is the right time and place for them.