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The web has evolved from a collection of simple pages into a powerful platform for communication and business. With the rich web applications of today we can bring desktop-like experiences to the browser. And, through APIs we can access incredible services like cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and big data. This is truly an amazing time to be building custom web software that helps empower and transform your business.

Our Approach to Web Development



With modern front-end technologies like React.js and Angular.js we can create rich-client applications that deliver desktop-like experiences. Single-page apps are the kind of fast, responsive, and reliable applications that users expect today. And, when creating a platform that includes multiple interfaces (mobile, web, etc) you can often rely on a single back-end saving time and money.



Mobile web applications have come a long way since early smartphones. Today we use responsive design techniques to scale and flow layouts so that they feel as intentional on a mobile browser as they do on the desktop.



Amazing user interfaces on the web can only take your application so far. To become truly powerful you need to harness the power of data and 3rd-party or internal APIs. These building blocks can add tremendous functionality to your applications in an efficient and reusable way. And, exposing your applications data and services through public or private APIs can be an incredible way to add value to your customers or generate new revenue streams.



Infrastructure in the cloud is commonplace today. But, knowing how to optimize and tune it for maximum efficiency and cost savings is key. And, making sure that your chosen cloud services are well matched to your application is critical to high performance and scalability.



The next wave of cloud technology is the move to serverless architectures that rely on the coordination of multiple 3rd-party platforms and services. With a layered architecture that disconnects the user interface (mobile or web) by services, these architectures become highly scalable and incredibly low cost to maintain.