Custom DevelopmentMobile Apps & IoTWeb Applications

Marc Andreessen famously said, “Software is eating the world”, and he’s correct. Software is powering almost every business today in some way. Much of this software is custom, bespoke solutions to the unique challenges of a business. Our web developers and mobile app developers have experience in a wide array of programming languages. But, beyond just being great programmers, they are excellent consultants and draw from diverse backgrounds to deliver robust and maintainable software solutions.


We work with a wide array of technologies, including the following:

Ruby on Rails, Java, .NET, Swift, Android, React Native, ReactJS, Javascript, Backbone.js, AngularJS, Node.js, Docker, Heroku, AWS

An Agile Approach to Custom Software Development


Agile Process

Our software development process is oriented around high-visibility and preserving maximum flexibility during the engineering effort. We use a familiar and industry-standard agile process that pulls our client stakeholders into a close collaboration.

  • Rapid 1-week sprints
  • Real-time user story acceptance
  • Priority-driven backlog management
  • Collaborative requirements definition

Test-Driven Development

Automated tests are bits of code that are written alongside production code that validate correct behavior. Unit, integration, and functional tests are some of our best tools to promote good software architecture as well as increase the long-term maintainability.

  • Increase overall code quality
  • Protect from defects and regression
  • Provide real-time insight through test automation
  • Self-documenting code through tests

Pair Programming

Pairing together on code and design is our core practice for moving quickly while maintaining high-quality. Our teams aim to pair between 50-75% of the time on most tasks and 100% while solving tough technical challenges.

  • Higher accountability for quality
  • Real-time code-review
  • Increase knowledge transfer
  • Self-documenting code through tests

Continuous Delivery

The best way to ensure a successful project is to keep the feedback cycle short. Continuous delivery means that every time a developer or designer commits code, and pass the automated tests, this new code becomes available right away in staging or production for review.

  • Automatic deployment pipeline
  • Immediate access to new features
  • Real-time insight into progress
  • Improve collaboration