Our Commitment to Clients

We Respect Your Budget

  • We’ll set a reasonable and realistic budget for your project
  • We’ll manage priorities, and always work on what’s most important
  • We never exceed budget without permission and planning

We’re a Highly Visible Team

  • We use a process that requires visibility and transparency
  • We deliver work rapidly and continuously
  • We’ll help to identify potential risks and their solutions

We finish what we start

  • We are committed to complete the project on time
  • We immerse ourselves in your organization and team
  • We’ll set you up for future success

We’ll learn together

  • We’ll help challenge how you think
  • We find ways to improve your team and processes
  • We provide constructive, honest, and actionable feedback

Our Values

Ship Quality Work

We take pride in our work and strive for sustainable and maintainable solutions. We resist compromise, attend to detail, and validate our work.

Open the Door

We help each other, we value diversity, and we are inclusive. We provide feedback and encouragement constructively, gently, and often. Above all, we work together.

Rise to Challenge

We believe that obstacles present opportunities for growth. We remain cool under pressure, we talk about what needs fixing, and we work together to implement solutions.

Act with Integrity

We believe in radical honesty and transparency with our clients. We do the right thing for the project, even when it’s the hard thing. We strive to be trustworthy.

Focus on Business Value

The DevMynd team gets stuff done! We value a true understanding of our customer’s business. We help them find the right solution for their problem – even if it’s not what they expected.

Continuously Improve

We learn – and we teach – every day. We grow our junior developers through apprenticeship. We strive to make experimentation and learning both expected and safe for everyone on the team.