Jsonb Accessor 1.0 Beta and 0.4 Beta Releases

Hello all! We’ve just released a 1.0 beta and 0.4 beta versions of our Jsonb Accessor gem.

The 0.4 beta version works with ActiveRecord 4.2 and 5.0, although we don’t recommend using it on 5.0 because the shiny new 1.0 beta is here.

It only supports ActiveRecord 5.0 and up and I’m proud to say it’s the Rails-iest version of Jsonb Accessor to date. Highlights include support for custom store keys, a much better scope interface, the ability to specify defaults, and improved performance.

You can read all about the new features in the readme. If you need to upgrade from 0.X to 1.0, here’s a handy upgrade guide.

As always, leave any feedback, feature requests,  or pull requests you have for us on Github.

PS: Here’s the blog post that started it all.

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