DevMynd speaking at Customer Experience Summit

By now, we all know building a customer-centric organization is critical to long-term success in our technology driven world. Organizations that truly focus on customers consistently outperform their peers. But, becoming customer-centric requires implementing changes that are challenging, not to mention pitfalls and false assumptions along the way.

So what are the hard truths that an organization must come to terms with in order to become truly customer-centric?

DevMynd CEO & Founder JC Grubbs is giving a talk at the Chicago Tech Executives Club Customer Experience Summit focusing on what type of soul-searching an established organization might have to do to make it in today’s marketplace.

We’ll learn by example from case studies of companies that have done it well, and some that have missed the mark.

Our hope is for attendees will take away a better understanding of what it means to be focused on customers and hopefully some tools and ideas for how to make it happen for their organizations.
Visit the Chicago Tech Executive’s Club page to learn more or to register.

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Kelsey is the Marketing Coordinator at DevMynd. She has been with the company since 2016.