Civilla + DevMynd at Chi HackNight: Redesigning Access to Health and Human Services

Every person who applies for state-funded aid as a Michigan resident has to start by filling out a general application.  Whether it be for health care, nutrition, or housing, every person must start the process by filling out a paper application.  The largest of these programs supports more than 2.6 million people, and almost $1 billion in allotted aid is unclaimed each year, possibly because of the complexity and time spent filling out paperwork to start the process.

Enter Civilla, a design firm in Detriot dedicated to change work.  Working in partnership with DevMynd(custom software development company), the paper application for financial assistance has been totally redesigned to help break down the barrier to aid caused by a long and complex application.  We’re proud of this project and its perfect fit into our Impact Sector.

DevMynd Design Director Janice Cho, along with Civilla Design Director Lena Selzer recently had an opportunity to discuss the project at length at Chi HackNight.  Check out their talk below:

Kelsey is the Marketing Coordinator at DevMynd. She has been with the company since 2016.