Team Management

Tech Done Right Podcast: Livable Code with Sarah Mei

Chief Consultant Sarah Mei made a recent appearance on Table XI’s Tech Done Right podcast.  Mei discusses the concept of “livable code,” and explores how we might be able to apply the principals of architecture further when we talk about our codebases.  Think of a house.  Is this house cluttered like the set of a […]

Designers Must Dream Big

“Let’s move that to version 2.0. “ Designers are used to hearing this and, although our hearts may break over a feature we think users will love, it is with good reason (although debatable) that things get cut back from going into development. Perhaps it’s because of what the client wants to pay for, sometimes […]

Dev Team Diversity #Realtalk

Small engineering teams who want to diversify have a hard row to hoe. Large organizations can throw money at the problem, by (for example) sponsoring the Grace Hopper convention [1], or making a few highly public donations to non-profits. [2] But when you’re small, without access to those types of resources, what options do you […]

The Subtle Art of Hiring Apprentices

Lately I’ve been talking with students at programming bootcamps about their overwhelming fear that they’re not learning quickly and thoroughly enough to find employment afterwards. I think it’s generally produced more by the intensive crunch-time atmosphere of the schools and growing recognition of how big and complex programming is than by an actual deficiency in skills.

Pairing with Junior Developers

Thanks to all the coding bootcamps out there, many tech teams hired their first junior developers last year. Many more are now considering it, and debating how to go about it. Looking at the community chatter on this topic, it's clear that onboarding junior devs into a team of mid- and senior-level folks is not a solved problem. Hell, my company is heading into its sixth cohort of apprentices, and the question of how to structure their time still provokes passionate debate internally.