Team Success

Tech Done Right Podcast: Livable Code with Sarah Mei

Chief Consultant Sarah Mei made a recent appearance on Table XI’s Tech Done Right podcast.  Mei discusses the concept of “livable code,” and explores how we might be able to apply the principals of architecture further when we talk about our codebases.  Think of a house.  Is this house cluttered like the set of a […]

Designers Must Dream Big

“Let’s move that to version 2.0. “ Designers are used to hearing this and, although our hearts may break over a feature we think users will love, it is with good reason (although debatable) that things get cut back from going into development. Perhaps it’s because of what the client wants to pay for, sometimes […]

Sarah Mei featured on The Frontside Podcast

Our chief consultant, Sarah Mei, was a recent guest on the Frontside Podcast. The conversation is wide-ranging but centers around Sarah’s new theory of software teams. You can learn more about her ideas from her conference talk at Brighton Ruby last year. Spoiler alert: she shares her thoughts that software teams are a lot more […]

Dev & Design: A Perfect Pairing (part 2)

If you read the last post by Gigg on design and development teams pairing, you know that here at DevMynd, the developers have it easy. We take a design-focused approach to problem solving, which means a successful product has already been well crafted by our design team long before myself and the development team begin […]

On Enterprise Innovation

Earlier this month DevMynd hosted the fourth event in our Executive Leadership Roundtable series.  It was a great opportunity to spend time with some fellow leaders from the Chicago technology and business community.  The topic this time was The Practice of Enterprise Innovation.  I found it a truly insightful conversation and I thought I would […]