Product Strategy

On Enterprise Innovation

Earlier this month DevMynd(custom software development company) hosted the fourth event in our Executive Leadership Roundtable series.  It was a […]

Announcing “Harbor”: a Little Cocoa for Your Codeship

Here at Devmynd, Codeship has been the continuous integration tool du jour every day since, well since we’ve existed as an organization. On one fateful August 2014 morning our CTO, Joe Hirn, conceived of a native MacOS app that would provide him an at-a-glance view of all our builds.

On Monetizing Data

Every other month DevMynd(custom software development company) hosts an event we call the Executive Leadership Roundtable. It’s a great opportunity for some […]

Thoughts on User Onboarding

Lately, I’ve put a lot of time into thinking and researching the process of onboarding a user into a digital product. Onboarding is an essential instrument of a product that conducts a user into knowing the product and understanding how the product might improve their lives.

Agile Product Design Recap

A couple weeks ago we were lucky enough to have the incredible Joel Tosi here delivering training on agile project design. I've known Joel for a long time. He's one my go to guys when struggling on process related issues or if I just want to make fun of Sharepoint. Joel does a lot of work with David Hussman, aka The Agile Dude, through DevJam. I have high regard for David and his approach to software development. It was through he and Jeff Patton I first heard about Story Mapping. That was 2008. Unfortunately I don't see very much of it these days. I was attempting to use it on a recent project and realized I could use a refresher on the technique, so we at DevMynd offered to host DevJam's Agile Project Design course with Joel as the instructor.

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