Tech Done Right Podcast: Livable Code with Sarah Mei

Chief Consultant Sarah Mei made a recent appearance on Table XI’s Tech Done Right podcast.  Mei discusses the concept of “livable code,” and explores how we might be able to apply the principals of architecture further when we talk about our codebases.  Think of a house.  Is this house cluttered like the set of a […]

Get Movin’: Animations with After Effects and Bodymovin

I love animation. What I love most is how animation can perform the classic writing maxim of “show, don’t tell.”  With its exaggerated physics, animation doesn’t just show you what’s happening, it shows you how what’s happening feels.  I’d prepared a whole paragraph on haptic feedback, and how it shapes product design for 3-dimensional objects, […]

Getting a Rails app to run on Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

I’m the newest team member at DevMynd, and so far, the only one with a Windows PC. Since we do most of our work in Ruby on Rails, and since everyone else has Macs, this presents a challenge. If I wanted to do this the easy way, I’d simply run Rails on Windows natively. But […]

Authorization in Ruby on Rails Relay-Compatible GraphQL API

For the past year, DevMynd engineers have been shifting our web and mobile development stack to React.js/native backed by a GraphQL endpoint written in Ruby on Rails. We use the Relay framework for our components to manage communication with the graph. This has worked surprisingly well in a wide variety of projects. However, our pattern […]

Five Factor Testing

When I took my first real dev job in the late 90s, it was not common for developers to write their own automated tests. Instead, large companies depended on teams of testers, who tested manually, or were experts in complex (and expensive) automation software. Small companies were more likely to depend on code review, months of “integration” after the […]