Learning from Critical Design

The pathway to becoming a UX designer and/or Service Designer is always a fascinating story. If you take the time to ask fellow professionals in the field of how they came to be, I guarantee that it will be time well spent. The beauty of this industry is the fact that people have diverse backgrounds […]

OSX Screensavers and Custom Fonts

Our teammate Sonny has recently been upgrading our online world, by building really sweet slackbots. So, when he asked if I wanted to help spruce up our conference rooms with a custom screensaver, I had to get in on it. Sonny had already set up a Swift project to generate our .saver file, and so […]

Designing for Social Impact

DevMynd’s Journey with Civilla We all want to make the world a better place by [insert what you’re thinking here]. If you’ve seen the TV show Silicon Valley, you know which scene I’m referring to when you read the sentence above. If you know people in startups, you may have heard them say this verbatim. […]