The Impact Sector

Over the last few years at DevMynd we’ve spent a lot of time and energy exploring our purpose and mission as an organization. Hopefully, this is a journey that will never be over, but I’m excited by where it’s taken us so far. We began as a technology delivery company helping clients by augmenting their […]

Jsonb Accessor 1.0 Beta and 0.4 Beta Releases

Hello all! We’ve just released a 1.0 beta and 0.4 beta versions of our Jsonb Accessor gem. The 0.4 beta version works with ActiveRecord 4.2 and 5.0, although we don’t recommend using it on 5.0 because the shiny new 1.0 beta is here. It only supports ActiveRecord 5.0 and up and I’m proud to say […]

On Enterprise Innovation

Earlier this month DevMynd hosted the fourth event in our Executive Leadership Roundtable series.  It was a great opportunity to spend time with some fellow leaders from the Chicago technology and business community.  The topic this time was The Practice of Enterprise Innovation.  I found it a truly insightful conversation and I thought I would […]

Are You Reading Enough Code?

“Writing comes from reading, and reading is the finest teacher of how to write.” —Annie Proulx Programming is weird. When learning to write code, we tend to focus on memorizing the syntax and features of a programming language. We learn about variables, loops, procedures, etc. We learn the varying parts of the language. We memorize […]