Welcoming Sarah Mei

We are excited to announce today that Sarah Mei will be joining DevMynd as our Chief Consultant. Sarah comes from […]

Announcing ChicagoWebConf 2015

After a two-year hiatus we're bringing back ChicagoWebConf, and it's going to be our biggest event yet! If you're not familiar with ChicagoWebConf it's a two-day event focused on everything that happens in the browser: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, visual design, UX and all related technologies and practices.


We’re excited to announce a new initiative at DevMynd called Guidebooks. Over our years as software engineers and designers, and […]

EmberConf Sponsorship

We’re very happy to announce that we’ll be sponsoring the very first EmberConf coming next month. We’e been using Ember.js […]

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