DevMynd speaking at Customer Experience Summit

By now, we all know building a customer-centric organization is critical to long-term success in our technology driven world. Organizations that truly focus on customers consistently outperform their peers. But, becoming customer-centric requires implementing changes that are challenging, not to mention pitfalls and false assumptions along the way. So what are the hard truths that […]

DevMynd Acquires Polymathic

I’m very excited to announce today that DevMynd has acquired Polymathic, a software development firm that is well known in the Chicago startup and entrepreneurial community. This acquisition will expand DevMynd’s Chicago office and leadership team; laying a foundation for growth in 2017 and beyond. Our mission at DevMynd has always been to help our […]

The Impact Sector

Over the last few years at DevMynd we’ve spent a lot of time and energy exploring our purpose and mission as an organization. Hopefully, this is a journey that will never be over, but I’m excited by where it’s taken us so far. We began as a technology delivery company helping clients by augmenting their […]

DevMynd Names Board of Directors and Announces New Direction for Organization

DevMynd, a digital design, strategy, and engineering firm in Chicago announces the appointment of two officers to its Board of Directors.  The new appointments are Thomas Fisher, MD, MPH, and President of Next Level Health, and Paul Steinberg, CTO, Motorola Solutions. The appointments follow DevMynd’s recently announced strategic focus on the Impact Sector, a horizontal group […]

Sarah Mei featured on The Frontside Podcast

Our chief consultant, Sarah Mei, was a recent guest on the Frontside Podcast. The conversation is wide-ranging but centers around Sarah’s new theory of software teams. You can learn more about her ideas from her conference talk at Brighton Ruby last year. Spoiler alert: she shares her thoughts that software teams are a lot more […]