Articles by Sarah Mei

Sarah is DevMynd's Chief Consultant and leads the team in the company's San Francisco office. Sarah has been with the company since 2014.

Five Factor Testing

When I took my first real dev job in the late 90s, it was not common for developers to write their own automated tests. Instead, large companies depended on teams of testers, who tested manually, or were experts in complex (and expensive) automation software. Small companies were more likely to depend on code review, months of “integration” after the […]

Childcare Matters at Your Conference

For the last several years, the Write/Speak/Code conference has empowered women software developers to gain influence and visibility via three critical activities: writing, conference speaking, and contributing to open source software. Started by Rebecca Miller-Webster in 2013, Write/Speak/Code is the only conference of its kind in the world, and has been hugely influential in the […]

Managers, Developers, & the In Between

We can – and we must – change what “career success” means for software developers. Sarah Mei Sarah is DevMynd’s Chief Consultant and leads the team in the company’s San Francisco office. Sarah has been with the company since 2014.

DevMynd Joins Ruby Together

It’s hard to imagine a more foundational command for a Rails developer than bundle install. You run it to get started in a new Rails app, of course, but then you also run it on every deploy, before every build, and with every full test run. Millions of times a day, some developer types bundle […]

Dev Team Diversity #Realtalk

Small engineering teams who want to diversify have a hard row to hoe. Large organizations can throw money at the problem, by (for example) sponsoring the Grace Hopper convention [1], or making a few highly public donations to non-profits. [2] But when you’re small, without access to those types of resources, what options do you […]