Articles by Michael Crismali

Michael is a member of DevMynd's software engineering team focusing on mobile apps and web development. He has been with the company since 2013.

Setting Up RSpec And Capybara In Rails 5 For Testing

There are a lot of great tools for testing Rails apps; RSpec and Capybara are particularly great. While basic integration of these two is fairly straightforward, there are a few gotchas that can lead to some fairly confusing behavior. (If you’re more interested in unit testing the JavaScript in your Rails app, check out this post […]

Create React App and Standard JS

Here I’m going to show you how to set up Standard JS in your Create React App. In case you don’t know, Create React App is a fantastic way to get a React web application up and running with no build configuration while Standard JS is JavaScript linter and style guide enforcer that doesn’t require you […]

Setting Up Your Rails 5 App For JavaScript Testing

About 2 years ago I wrote about how to set up your Rails app for JavaScript testing, so I figured it was time for an update. It’s pretty much the same as the previous post, but it assumes you’re using Rails 5 and newer versions of Teaspoon and Magic Lamp. And away we go! Setting […]

Jsonb Accessor 1.0 Beta and 0.4 Beta Releases

Hello all! We’ve just released a 1.0 beta and 0.4 beta versions of our Jsonb Accessor gem. The 0.4 beta version works with ActiveRecord 4.2 and 5.0, although we don’t recommend using it on 5.0 because the shiny new 1.0 beta is here. It only supports ActiveRecord 5.0 and up and I’m proud to say […]

Getting A Schema File From Elixir’s Ecto

Elixir’s Ecto ORM is great, but sometimes I find myself missing the schema.rb from Rails. It’s handy to crack open schema.rb to really see what’s going on in the database. It’s a bigger part of my workflow than I realized. Ecto doesn’t give you quite the same functionality right out of the box, but I’ve found a way to get pretty close.