Articles by Eryan Cobham

Eryan is a development director in DevMynd's software engineering practice focusing on mobile apps and web development. He has been with the company since 2013.

Taking Advantage of Rails

The Problem

While working on a Rails project recently, I had a problem that I’m sure many people can relate to—I had a <select> tag in my view, and I needed customers to choose from several options that directly corresponded to some of the models in my application. Fortunately the models were well-named, so I could use a slightly modified versions of the class name for each <option> tag. All of these models were subclasses of one parent class, and some had their own descendant classes as well (which I did not need to include in the <select>). Finally, none of these models needed to persist to the database.

Exploring NVD3

I recently wrapped up a project where we decided to use the really nice D3.js library to create some graphs the client wanted. Instead of doing everything from scratch, we also chose to add on NVD3.js to supply some prepackaged graphs. That way, we could just add the data and make some minor modifications to get what we want. I couldn't find a whole lot of articles explaining how to use NVD3, so I thought I'd put something together for those of you getting started.

Get the Most Out of Your Consultants

Here at DevMynd, the two primary things that clients hire us for are product
design/development and developer training. What they don't realize is
that they can also look to us for an objective opinion on their team and its
strengths and weaknesses.