We Will Not Ship Shit

Here at DevMynd, test driven development, continuous integration, static analysis, and weekly code reviews are all part of how we keep our code quality high. However, getting an A+ on Code Climate or passing the build on Codeship does not guarantee that you’ve haven’t pushed out a fresh steaming pile. These practices help deliver quality code, they do not ensure a quality product. Code quality is a means to an end. Quality products are trickier to pull off. Here are a some of the ways we ensure quality product delivery at DevMynd:

Iterating, Not Implementing

Agile development is a required buzzword for any consultancy but we focus on agility instead of “capital A agile”. This means we address actual problems rather than simply putting boxes and buttons on a screen. We don’t like work that will end up on the cutting room floor. Starting with the simplest thing that could possibly work and iterating from there. Every line of code is a mouth to feed. If it’s not pulling it’s weight, it’s dragging the code base down with it. It’s easier to write a line of code than to delete it. This leads us to be careful which lines are written. Often times, seemingly complex problems disappear with simpler solutions than originally estimated. In essence, we focus on delivering value, not code.

We’re Only Here to Help

At DevMynd we have a wide variety of skills and expertise. At times, we are simply not the best fit for a given project. It’s not easy to say no. Aside from lost capital, it stings the pride to admit we’re not able to deliver value on a given project. Regardless, if we can’t help, we don’t want to profit from failure. It comes down to honesty… the hard kind. On one occasion, we had to tell a client we could no longer help them. The project lacked clear definition and success criteria. This project would have been quite a lucrative engagement. It was a hard call for our leadership to make, but it was the right one. It turned out to be the canary in the mine. The project was abandoned soon after we left. Our honesty and integrity led to more work but it could have easily ended the relationship bluntly. That’s obviously an extreme case but it’s that kind of integrity that makes me proud to work for DevMynd. When we say “We will not ship shit”, we mean it. That is why it’s one of our core values.

Dayton Nolan served as a Principal Consultant at DevMynd from 2012 to 2016.