StartupBus Day 2

Today we met with advisors at and presented our day old ideas. The pitches were definitely different than last time, and not always better. Here is the feedback that we received.

Our pitch:

Do you enjoy the games Apples to Apples and Cards against humanity? We want to create a mobile version of these games that will be game changing. [ no pun ] We want to make it so that you can play them on a mobile device, and provide feedback on the game play as you play. This can allow us to create the best possible game experience. We are using machine learning techniques to eliminate the lame cards and push the awesome ones to the top. We also want to have some themed decks of the game. Perhaps Harry Potter, or Sewing, or xfiles. . . The options are endless.

They liked our idea and gave us some great feedback. This is really tiring and really fun. See ya’ll when I get back.

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