Introducing CodeRev

One thing we do a lot of here at DevMynd is read code. Reading code and making sound judgements about its intent, style, and quality is a skill that every developer should cultivate. That said, it’s sometimes difficult to put your own code under that kind of microscope…we’re just too close to it. That’s where code review comes in.

Code review: The act of looking through code that you didn’t write for the purpose of providing constructive feedback and reassurance.

Code review should be a basic part of any software development practice. But, it’s not always easy to do when things get busy or if you’re a one-person shop. To that end, I’d like to introduce CodeRev, our remote code review service.

We’ll take a look at your code and return to you a peer-reviewed report that covers things like: code organization, maintainability, security, quality and cleanliness, and quality of automated tests. For any code review to be valuable though it needs to come with actionable suggestions. So each report we do categorizes action items into buckets: Critical, Important, Worthwhile, and Suggestion. This helps you determine where to spend energy improving your code base.

If you need a fresh set of eyes and an expert opinon, we’d love for you to talk to us about CodeRev. Send us the details of your project, or contact us at for more information.

JC is the founder and CEO of DevMynd and leads the company’s human-centered strategy practice.