OSX Screensavers and Custom Fonts

Our teammate Sonny has recently been upgrading our online world, by building really sweet slackbots. So, when he asked if I wanted to help spruce up our conference rooms with a custom screensaver, I had to get in on it. Sonny had already set up a Swift project to generate our .saver file, and so […]

 February 14, 2017

DB Generated Values and ActiveRecord

Hello everyone! Before we get started I should warn you this post doesn’t contain anything groundbreaking or revolutionary. It’s just a simple journey of how a minor nuance of ActiveRecord cost me an afternoon and how I thought through that problem. Since I dug deep into documentation and source code returning alive and coherent, I […]

 February 8, 2017
Photo from Dunne & Raby's Technological Dreams Series: No. 1, Robots, 2007 Photo from Dunne & Raby's Technological Dreams Series: No. 1, Robots, 2007

Learning from Critical Design

The pathway to becoming a UX designer and/or Service Designer is always a fascinating story. If you take the time to ask fellow professionals in the field of how they came to be, I guarantee that it will be time well spent. The beauty of this industry is the fact that people have diverse backgrounds […]

 February 5, 2017

DevMynd Acquires Polymathic

I’m very excited to announce today that DevMynd has acquired Polymathic, a software development firm that is well known in the Chicago startup and entrepreneurial community. This acquisition will expand DevMynd’s Chicago office and leadership team; laying a foundation for growth in 2017 and beyond. Our mission at DevMynd has always been to help our […]

 January 20, 2017

The Impact Sector

Over the last few years at DevMynd we’ve spent a lot of time and energy exploring our purpose and mission as an organization. Hopefully, this is a journey that will never be over, but I’m excited by where it’s taken us so far. We began as a technology delivery company helping clients by augmenting their […]

 January 10, 2017