Building a Slack App: Incoming Webhooks

Like many tech companies, DevMynd uses Slack for collaboration and communication. Slack has a number of third-party apps that integrate […]

 September 19, 2017

GORUCO 2017: Trust & Teams

Trust is at the core of whether we are happy at work or not. Trust is at the core of […]

 September 11, 2017

Punching Fear in the Face: How Apprentices Should View Programming

I started my apprenticeship at DevMynd roughly 7 months ago and walked into the studio at Wabansia Avenue with a […]

 September 5, 2017

Rails Local Development over HTTPS using a Self-Signed SSL Certificate

I found myself in a peculiar situation recently. I was integrating a Single Sign On workflow with Google as the […]

 August 29, 2017

Hello RowBoat: CSV Rows to DB Rows

Originally I set out to write a blog post on how to combine SmarterCSV and activerecord-import to efficiently parse and […]

 August 8, 2017