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Taking Advantage of Rails

The Problem

While working on a Rails project recently, I had a problem that I’m sure many people can relate to—I had a <select> tag in my view, and I needed customers to choose from several options that directly corresponded to some of the models in my application. Fortunately the models were well-named, so I could use a slightly modified versions of the class name for each <option> tag. All of these models were subclasses of one parent class, and some had their own descendant classes as well (which I did not need to include in the <select>). Finally, none of these models needed to persist to the database.

 July 20, 2016

So, You Wanna White Label?

A recent client asked our team to revisit and white label a product for additional customers. The application manages business in a low-tech industry where most finance and accounting is controlled with endless spreadsheets. The client successfully doubled their capacity through the use of the application and noticed other businesses in the industry could benefit […]

 July 14, 2016

Designer Meets Dev. A Perfect Pairing.

Let me tell you a story about a designer and a developer who enjoyed pairing together and making something great. Getting to Know You – the pairing world. I had an amazing opportunity to join Devmynd six months ago and I’ve loved it ever since. Our office is full of smart, talented, problem-solving people, all […]

 July 13, 2016

I Will Not Tell Lies

There is a question I ask myself whenever I’m writing code. Really, it’s become more of a personal mantra. It helps me take a step back and look at my code from the perspective of another developer who might be extending, maintaining or even, dare I say, fixing my software. When mentoring or pair programming, […]

 July 5, 2016

I like ORM, I love Active Record

I have a confession to make. I like ORM. Especially ActiveRecord, but let’s not get specific just yet. Let’s first go through my journey from ignoring to rejecting, then accidentally enjoying, and finally finding my happy place. I was one of those SQL People ORM did not help me write my first program. On the contrary, my career was forged in […]

 June 21, 2016