The beginnings of a workshop conducted at Civilla in Detroit, MI. The beginnings of a workshop conducted at Civilla in Detroit, MI.

Designing for Social Impact

DevMynd’s Journey with Civilla We all want to make the world a better place by [insert what you’re thinking here]. If you’ve seen the TV show Silicon Valley, you know which scene I’m referring to when you read the sentence above. If you know people in startups, you may have heard them say this verbatim. […]

 September 28, 2016


No pun intended. Sort of. (Note: did not sponsor this post.) It’s not everyday at a software shop that a client will ask for a step back to re-evaluate their product from a UX perspective. The story usually pans out where clients are ready to start building an application even if there are glaring […]

 September 20, 2016

Too Late to the Game?

“I’m too old…and I’m only in my 30s.” That doubt lay in the back of my mind when I decided to pursue design and coding as a member of Gen-Y. Objectively, I knew I could succeed with hard work and my motivation to learn.

 September 14, 2016
"Will the Harbor Seal" "Will the Harbor Seal"

Announcing “Harbor”: a Little Cocoa for Your Codeship

Here at Devmynd, Codeship has been the continuous integration tool du jour every day since, well since we’ve existed as an organization. On one fateful August 2014 morning our CTO, Joe Hirn, conceived of a native MacOS app that would provide him an at-a-glance view of all our builds.

 September 7, 2016

Self-Replicating Leadership

There’s a trope going around on LinkedIn that piqued my interest recently. I can’t tell its origins so if anyone knows I’d love to have the attribution. It’s a cartoon of three people standing on top of a mountain, one at the peak, and the other two trailing just behind. The caption reads “You’re not […]

 August 30, 2016