Custom Training

We've built our business around being the best at what we do: delivering quality software projects reliably and repeatably. Along the way, we've learned a thing or two and would love the opportunity to share that experience with your team.

Every company and every team is unique. The challenges your team faces are born out of the skills of its members, the process they've adopted, and the particulars of the problem space. As consultants, we've seen it all and more likely than not, we can help improve the efficiency and happiness of your team.

Below are some of the topics we can build customized training around:

Beginner & Advanced Ruby on Rails

Get ramped up or learn advanced techniques for one of the most full-featured and productivity enabling web frameworks.

Agile Product Design Process

Learn the art of story writing and mapping, techniques for planning themed releases, and how to bring discipline to your process.

Design Thinking Methodology

Design is more than just pretty pictures, learn the basic methodologies to visual design in the context of application development

Test-driven Development in Ruby

Learn how to apply tools like Rspec and Capybara to write efficient and effective automated test suites, refactor tests, and deal with legacy code.

JavaScript Testing with Jasmine

Testing your client-side code can be tricky but necessary. Get the required skills to build solid tests for your JavaScript in Jasmine.

Building Test Driven Apps with Ember.js

Learn how to build ambitious client-side apps with the Ember.js framework and use its convention-over-configuration approach to your advantage.

Git and Github Workflow

Good source control practices are the foundation of any development team. Learn how to wield Git wisely and powerfully.

DevOps with Chef

Learn how to bring the values of agile software development to the world of operations with automated provisioning through Chef.

If you're interested in talking about customizing training for your team, please contact