We have an amazingly talented and driven team with a broad background in software and design. We'd like you to meet them.

JC Grubbs Avatar

JC Grubbs

CEO, Practice Lead

Brad Wilkening Avatar

Brad Wilkening

President, Sales Director

Alissa Conaty Avatar

Alissa Conaty

Executive Assistant

Tony Coconate Avatar

Tony Coconate

Principal Consultant

Joe Hirn Avatar

Joe Hirn

Principal Consultant

Chris Sprehe Avatar

Chris Sprehe

Principal Consultant

Peter Harkins Avatar

Peter Harkins

Sr. Consultant

Dayton Nolan Avatar

Dayton Nolan

Sr. Consultant

Randy Burgess Avatar

Randy Burgess


Pedro Carmo Avatar

Pedro Carmo

Product Designer

Eryan Cobham Avatar

Eryan Cobham


Michael Crismali Avatar

Michael Crismali


Denis Kugappi Avatar

Denis Kugappi

Product Designer

Kori Roys Avatar

Kori Roys


Cory Stephenson Avatar

Cory Stephenson


Erin Hochstatter Avatar

Erin Hochstatter